Thursday, May 22, 2014


A month ago I met my friend Simona. We were just chatting  about photoshoots and what we could do together. She came up with some very interesting ideas and I immediately fell for one of them. It was socialism.
Socialism as a social and econic system  is already behind us but when you visit houses and flats of your parents/grandparents you can still smell relics of the system. And that's what we did.
I did the photoshoot with two fashion bloggers Simona and Iveta. And we had the best time together. 
The place Sima chose was just amazing. Old, raw, full of spiders and dirty as fuck a.k.a. garden cottage. The right place for arachnophobists like me and Sima.
What I find really cool about this garden-cottage-experience is that I was able to look through 20 year old newspapers, old recordings, toys, clothes and things that actually meant something to somebody so many years ago and they haven't been touched for years because nobody cares about them anymore. They're just lying a part of the history. People don't use them but they also won't throw them away maybe because these things have their own timeless value.

So this is the first part of our SOCIALISM photoshoot with a modern twist. Let us know what you think below in  the comment section. Thanks guys !

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